Reducing the Cost of Constructing Radio Environment Map



In the 5th generation mobile communication system (5G), it is essential to introduce small cells deployed at high density in order to satisfy the requirements such as multiple simultaneous connections, ultra-high speed, and ultra-low delay. In order to ensure the reliability of communication in a small cell environment, it is essential to constantly monitor the radio spectrum usage to allow optimization of base station arrangement and dynamic base station control. From this point of view, in this research, we strive to collect the indoor radio wave data in a low-cost, scalable, and continuous way for constructing radio environment maps that can visualize the signal strength and inter-cell interference. Specifically, we are developing a fixed-sensor deployment algorithm that can identify the critical locations to deploy sensors, such as the place where radio environment fluctuates largely. With our approach, we would be able to use only a minimum amount of sensors to efficiently construct real-time radio environment maps with tolerable errors.